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   A bad behaviour in a dog is very often only an inadequate one measured by human standards but totally normal for a  dog. However this does not mean that we have to endure or even tolerate it. A growling dog protecting its toy is a totally normal situation in a wild surrounding where it has to defend its resources against competitors but there is no need to do so coexisting in harmony with its humans.

  Sometimes these problems also derive from wrong handling  which shows frequently in toilet training problems in dogs older than six months.

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6.- Does it destroy, bite the furniture or other things when left alone?
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8.- Does it bark too much when the door bell rings?. Does it relax easily once you greeted the visitor ?
9.- Does it walk nicely without pulling on the lead?
10.- When running free does it come back when called?
11.- When meeting other dogs: Does it play or rather attack?
12.- When meeting unknown people? What is its behaviour?


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