CostaCan, a company specializing in cognitive
emotional training, canine education
and dog behaviour modification.


   Basically our work consists in employing the cognitive emotional method developed by Educan. Foresaid method fosters the relationship between dogs and owners which allows a better understanding and communication.  It allows the dog to develop and foster its ability to solve problems which means that we promote the pleasure and willingness it finds in thinking which produces a reinforcing effect.  For example: When we succeed in repairing a tap on our own without calling in a plumber we usually don’t expect anyone to give us a treat. We just feel satisfied with the result and so will our dogs.

   Likewise by the end of the training program we are going to achieve that your dog will do as it is told simply because it likes you as by then you will operate as a team and your dog wouldn’t want to disappoint you. Treats are great during the first stage of the training program when we are basically working in operant conditioning  but during the end stage we focus on the cognitive process of resolving problems as our dog already knows the correct behaviour. Affection is the main motivation for social species and the “canis lupus familiaris” is a social species. If for affection they are able to destroy a home because they do not know how to behave when left alone, wouldn’t they be prepared to come when called?


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